Birth through Pre-K

Our mission

Our goal in River City Kids is to provide a fun and enriching environment where kids learn how much God loves them just the way they are. We teach kids that God is with them wherever they go, in good times and in bad, and that He has a perfect plan for each of them. Kids get to develop relationships with God, their leaders, and their peers through weekly Bible stories, lessons, and games that relate the story back to their lives. We want each kid to feel valued, have fun, and loved by God!


We are thrilled to welcome everyone back into our building to show them the love of Christ each Sunday. But don't worry, we are still working hard to help your family grow their faith in Christ at home too!

Ollie leads our littles through our Bible Story each week, and the kids love him! Now they can watch Ollie from home and sing along as he gives them the story in a fun way!


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2022 Mental Health Goals for Parents by ParentCue

The new year brings with it hope, but also fresh worries too. What will the new year look like? When will things truly feel like they're back to normal instead of a watered-down version of the way things used to be? Will I be enough for my kids? How will I get everything done?

Things may feel uncertain right now, but what we can do is focus on the inner wold of mental health. Here are some goals you might carry into the new year.

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