Elementary Kids

Talking to your kids about their faith and answering their questions can be tough to navigate sometimes! Let us help you  disciple your kids and navigate their journey in faith together.

We are thrilled to welcome families to our worship service each week at 10:30 am. We work hard to to meet you where you are and support you in your journey of faith with your kids.


Our goal in River City Kids is to provide a fun and enriching environment where kids learn how much God loves them just the way they are. We teach kids that God is with them wherever they go, in good times and in bad, and that He has a perfect plan for each of them. Kids get to develop relationships with God, their leaders, and their peers through weekly Bible stories, lessons, and games that relate the story back to their lives. We want each kid to feel valued, have fun, and loved by God


We are thrilled to welcome everyone  to show them the love of Christ each Sunday. But don't worry, we are still working hard to help your family grow their faith in Christ at home too! Check out our social media pages for lots of great resources.


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