As our county and state continue reopening, our staff has prepared a phased reopening plan that mirrors the strategy outlined by the government. We're now in Phase 3 and hope to progress to the final stage soon, in accordance with the guidance from Douglas County, the State of Kansas, and the CDC.

An Update from Pastor Alex



How can we gather? I thought we couldn't meet yet.

This is likely the number one question that people have. 

According to page 7 of Governor Kelly's plan (click here to view), a mass gathering is defined as "instances in which individuals are in one location and are unable to maintain 6 feet of distance between individuals (not including individuals who reside together) with only infrequent or incidental moments of closer proximity."

The short answer is, we can meet as long as we maintain social distancing. 

How will we maintain social distancing?

Seating areas in the Worship Center will be clearly defined. We will skip every other row and available seats will be marked with white tape on the back of the pew to indicate a "safe zone".

As difficult as it may be, we are going to ask that you refrain from huddling in groups in the lobby, and to refrain from handshakes and hugs.

By local and state ordinance, masks are now required as you enter and exit.


For starters, entry doors will be propped open and you'll be greeted with a wave from a safe distance. 

We've modified or removed activities that require close physical contact (such as greeting each other with handshakes, coffee service, communion).

Even if you see more face masks (which are now required as you enter and exit) and a lot more hand sanitizer when we gather in-person, we hope it will feel like coming home.

Will you still offer online services?

Yes! We've now livestream our services, so tune into our website each Sunday morning at 10:00 AM to watch the service online

The service will also be archived each week to be replayed at a later date if you prefer.

We'll also continue posting weekly videos and resources for kids and teens as long as our curriculum company allows.

When will WE move from one phase to the next?

We are monitoring the situation and working in conjunction with our state and local authorities. The Ad Astra Plan from Governor Kelly is serving as our framework. However, it is a living document and subject to change at any moment. We are now in Phase 3 and hope to move to Phase Four soon.

Can I bring my children with me?

Yes you can, and Kids and Youth are both back up and running! 

Kids meet Sunday mornings at the same time as worship services, and Youth meet Sunday evenings at 6:30 in the building. 

We'll keep posting the kids' lessons and sharing resources as long as our curriculum company allows.

WHAT ARE THE PLANS FOR upcoming events?

Watch for more info on fun events we have planned for Easter, this spring, and summer, including Summer Camps and Events!

Other ministry events (Food Truck Sundays, Fellowship Events, etc...) will be scheduled as soon as restrictions are lifted. 

I'm not comfortable coming back yet. Is that okay?

Absolutely. We understand that it's going to take time for each individual to return to normal, or at least a new normal. We will be here for you whenever you are ready.

In the meantime, we would invite you stay connected to our church by worshiping at home through our livestream each Sunday at 10:00 AM.