The 5% Life

We believe there are 4 strategic ways that we can choose to invest our time that grows our relationship with God, with each other, and with those who don't know God. We call it the 5% Life! As you invest your time in these ways, we believe you will deepen your walk with God, grow in community, and engage in God’s global mission in greater ways.

  1. 1% of your day—approximately 15 minutes—in God Time daily.
  2. 1% of your week—approximately 90 minutes —in Gather Time weekly.
  3. 1% of your month— approximately 7 hours—in Grow Time monthly.
  4. 2% of your year—approximately 7 days—in Go Time annually

We are convinced that if you embrace “The 5% Life” as a starting point, the other 95% of your life will be changed forever as you abide in Christ, connect in community, and share in the mission.